The agriculture is employing more than half of the workforce, though only 5% of the total area is cropped; the further 24% is used for pastures. 15% of the field lands are irrigated and the biggest irrigation system can be found in al-Gazirah. Enormous irrigation plants were built along the Atbara river side. The main yield in the agriculture is cotton, but the millet and the citrus fruits are also significant. Sudan possesses with a huge animal livestock, cattle, goat, sheep and camel. They built also a well-structured dam at Merowe, which is prominent from the irrigation and the power generation point of view.


The processing industry is under-developed; mainly they are processing the products from the agriculture sector. The GDP distribution according to sectors: agriculture 43%, industry 17%, service 40%. Concerning the export products, cotton is the most exported goods, followed by the gum Arabic, peanut and the sesame. The main imported goods are machines, transportation vehicles and products from the chemical industry, metals and textile products. Crude oil refineries and storage units have been building continuously; therefore the building industry is developing. More and more hotels are built in the cities, the roads are modernized and new highways are built as well, furthermore the railway lines have been started to renovate.


In Sudan, the inland waterway is significant, on the Nile, the traffic is really bustling. The main seaports are: Port Sudan and Suakin. The crude oil is transported through pipelines from Port Sudan to Khartoum. The Sudanese waterways is 4068 km long, of which 1723 km is concerned to the Blue and White Nile river. Most important inner ports: Juba, Khartoum, Kusti, Malakal, Nimule and Wadi Halfa.


Sudan has a member of the following organizations:

 Joined date

 Name of the organization



United Nations UN


 Arab League



 African Union



 Organization of the Islamic conference



 Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern Africa



 Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development






 Intergovernmental Authority on Development


source: wikipedia

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