Part of Mr. Attaché, Mohamed Salaheldin Hag Ali's speech

Please, let me thank you for being so kind to have visited our webpage promising the opening of a new era of the relation between Sudan and Hungary. We inaugurated the Commercial Representative Office of Sudan in Budapest on 23rd of November 2011, to make our economic relations more vital.

I would like to thank the leaders of the two countries for this appropriate decision and especially would like to thank for their trust and having given this Office to me.

As a result of the big efforts made in Khartoum and in Budapest, I have to thank all who supported this hard work. I would like to express special acknowledgements to the foreign ministers of the two countries, dr. Ali Ahmed Karti and professor Dr. János Martonyi for not having been hesitating since the idea was learnt. Furthermore, I would like to thank dr. Motref Siddiq the previous and Mr. Rahamatallah Mohamed Osman the present foreign under-secretary, as well as dr. János Hóvári, Hungarian deputy foreign under-secretary for the permanent monitoring and the coping with all difficulties until this office was inaugurated.

Beside of that, I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Taha Othman, the Minister of State of the Presidency of Sudan Republic for his personal care, as well as to two friends of ours, Mr. Yousef Ahmed Yousef engineer and his Majesty Al-Dardiri Mohamed Ahmed Ambassador who adopted the idea at its emerging and cared for it until it found its way and who arrived from Khartoum specially for this event.

And last, please let me say my thanks and recognition to Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Al-Amin, the Ambassador of Sudan Republic in Vienna, his staff, dr. Péter Kveck, the Ambassador of the Hungarian Republic in Cairo, as well as all ladies and gentlemen of the competent department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary for their effort and hard work made until the completion of this huge job.

Let peace, Allah's mercy and blessing be with you!

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